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March 10, 2014


Jay Bryant

Good points in this blog post. Having worked in a newsroom for almost 20 years I think that most marketing groups in large organizations don't realize the speed and consistency that is needed to be successful. Also there was a strong culture of challenging the status-quo that is not tolerated in large companies.

Tom Foremski

It also means a long term commitment. It's not a 3 month campaign it is forever. That's what companies don't understand. If every company is a media company then that is a lifetime commitment.


Agreed on the three main points. I've found a useful strategy in making content that's only tangentially related to the core business, but offers value to a reasonable percentage of the people visiting the site, i.e. beautiful/quirky picture gallerys, interactive guides to [washing your dishes in half the time, learning for free online, ... etc]

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