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October 22, 2012


Spike Jones

Nice post, John

Here are my takeaways:

1. I do think it's a matter of brands understanding WOMM, but also I think it's a matter of them remembering that it's there. As you pointed out, there is so much chasing after the next social media "thing," that a lot of brands have forgotten that WOM(M) has been here all along (and of course, is the toolbox that social media tools sit in).

2. RE: Facebook engagement - I find a lot of marketers in the industry are quick to point out that brands "only" have a 1% engagement rate on their Facebook page and jump to the conclusion that the brand is not doing it right or failing at their efforts. So they concentrate on trying to get more people to engage on the page instead of engaging that 1% on a deeper level. We know that a great way to get more fans (not necessarily in the FB sense), is to leverage the ones you already have. In other words, quality can help get you quantity.

I'm glad this book was published in the midst of all the "social" ones. We all need to be reminded on a regular basis of the power of word of mouth in its various forms. Thanks for the post.

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