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March 05, 2012


Ian Sohn

John - This is a fantastic post and very thought-provoking. Anyone who currently manages a community should reconsider how they think about their job; or what they aspire to do over the next 2-3 years.

I think (or hope) big enterprises get this; and will resource accordingly moving forward.

What's challenging is convincing an up-and-coming brand (or a brand just getting into social media) that they need to think about "Community Business Directors," and the impact that role will have on business.

P.S. I too remember the days of community managers on message boards. Back in 1999-2002 or so I did a lot of work with record labels and film studios to launch records and films. Message boards and 'fan sites' were critical. The behavior of the community was very similar then as it is now. In fact I looked at a 12 year old "new media marketing" proposal a few weeks ago and it was pretty much what I would write today. Interesting.

Max Kalehoff

John, very nice. From a functional and workflow perspective, Facebook introduced massive friction at fMC. It is demanding from marketers the holy grail of marketing -- "integrated marketing" which has been talked about for decades though practiced less than 0.1% of the time. CRM, media, creative, PR, consumer relations, legal, Interactive and more must all align? Customer relations people are now copywriters? PR people now drop million dollar media budgets? Are marketing organizations set up to do this? Even moreso, are agencies set up to do this at scale? I think the reality is that very few are right now. Facebook is betting its prowess and influence can require and motivate companies to become integrated marketers very quickly. That's an ideal state, but well see. And the "all ads as stories to your friends and their friends" is powerful, but we can't forget that marketers still need the more traditional sort in order to move the needle with customer acquisition and specific messaging objectives. Exciting times! Now onto the IPO.

Jamie Tedford

Another thought provoking piece John. I couldn't agree more that the silos between community/content management and media planning need to crumble. Here at my company we knocked down the walls (literally) and formed a new practice we're calling Story Planners. Here's a piece from AdWeek that hits this point well.http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/new-facebook-pages-shake-social-ad-ecosystem-138674
Would love your perspective John.

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