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July 18, 2011



Simple, strategic and useful? I'm truly honoured. Thanks for the shout out.

Brick and mobile

The trouble with Social Media is that most people view it as a means unto itself, where if you build it, your audience will come. However, it is not about just setting up the channels, it’s about learning to engage and filling your platforms with the right content.

Any social media strategy must start with two fundamental decisions: make sure you choose the relevant platforms before any engagement begins and then work out what to say and how often to say it before commencing. It is important to create a library of suitable content and decide what you want to be saying across your social media platforms before jumping in head first.

This aside, social media isn't something that businesses should be afraid of. It is a very effective tool for engaging with customers and prospects. Get it right and the rest will flow from there.

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