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June 20, 2011


Gina Rau

With brands across the spectrum in terms of experience in social media, many are still playing it safe while they watch the leaders and influencers within their industry as they navigate these new waters. While "social" marketing activities have been in practice much longer than social media, Facebook brings a new model that brand marketers aren't used to.

Right now it seems smart to engage in social activities with customers and prospects by connecting the dots between your marketing efforts - your site, advertising, Facebook, and the like. This allows people to talk with and about your brand where ever they are, which can be curated together to tell your story. The tools and offerings will continue to evolve, but customer's expectations are set high which means marketers need to stay ahead - to lead rather than watch the leaders.

James Gonzalez

@ Gina, I agree that marketers should also lead and not just follow the footsteps of those above them. Getting to the top won't be possible if we walk behind someone else. We should invent and make our name by becoming a leader of our own. While social media is a popular hub for business, let's also enjoy the privilege it brings. But aside from that, we should also think ahead and have a unique concept to lead.

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