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May 22, 2011



John, great post. I'm pushing clients to think social business vs social campaigns and to stop using social as a direct marketing method.

Michael Rubin

Very insightful post (as always), John. From my own experience, one of the biggest obstacles to embedding Social into the enterprise has been ignorance and lack of interest. It's quite difficult to impress upon anyone outside of Marcom of the value for Social Media. HR, Legal, Compliance, IT, et al. all see it as a nuisance that they wish would just go away.

Education can only go so far -- there must be an "a ha!" moment of need. So how do you convince the other stakeholders inside a large company that it's in their best interests to support and adopt a positive Social outlook?

-- Michael E. Rubin, Social Media Strategist, Fifth Third Bank
Disclaimer: I work for Fifth Third Bank, but this opinion is my own.

Kelli Pippin

This is a spectacular post John. At Tuck, the Center's series on "The Business of Social: Engagement, Innovation and Collaboration" ended with your visit (but included a visit by Ben - who seriously floored me with his social/biz perspective. I keep a sound bite of our interview with him on my desktop, just to charge me up when I start getting "social fatigue".) We are now creating the written overview to summarize our findings - and this "recipe" you describe is brilliant. In terms all C-levels will appreciate too. Thanks for the post.

I wrote a bit about our series on this blog: http://www.tuck.dartmouth.edu/digital/about/blog/detail/socially-corporate/

Sherrie Bakshi

Really great post. I like the idea of thinking about social media as a social business strategy. We advise our clients on these same things. Thank you for sharing.

Jeremie Averous

Hi John
I don't think moving to a social business strategy is a choice. It is a must in the world as it is changing now with the Fourth Revolution. There is still a lot of resistance in organizations from bureaucracy. But let's face it: if your company does not become open to social interaction, it will die eventually. Be one of the firsts to get there, experiment, get experience, and outgrow your shy competitors!


Awesome article, really insightful. Thanks to Jared for sharing this one!


Nice post John, some great insights there. It's all about mindset isn't it; if businesses shift their thinking from how do we get more money from the customer to how can we help them more, the first part will take care of itself.

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