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May 16, 2011



Have to disagree with the Hub and Spoke model promulgated here. I believe that you web/social strategy should be one of entanglement. I am finding that we are getting much more traction and engagement via SM channels than web, both via ourselves and our clients. Also that once users engage via SM they are way less likely to come back to the websites. The stats don't lie.


John, I completely agree with your post and I like the analogy of the nesting dolls. My only adds would be (1) control: a brand is more in the driver's seat on its own site and (2) the unknown: social networks are evolving rapidly, and while some may have staked a clear role in our lives today, who knows what is coming next. It doesn't make sense to me to put all of your brand eggs in one basket, but rather utilize the site you have invested in, as well as the constantly expanding social networks and tools, including mobile as referenced in the previous comment.


Think you're spot on. The thing about social media is that it is only holding your attention in the interim, typically we are only using those mediums to to connect us to other publications -- unless we're talking about facebook here, which tends to act like a black hole.

Networks like facebook only further explain why we need to have independent channels to engage users. The time we spend "pimping your facebook" is time lost on improving the content on your homebase, thereby giving people a reason to come visit.

The social networks, while ripe with good conversation and content can contribute a great deal to fragmentation, that will likely dilute your message over time.

I think the "Guru Rule" of "fish where the fish are" - but that doesn't mean that you aren't supposed to also develop bait that brings the fish to you too. In the end where the fish are at first -- only speaks to the beginning of the relationship. If a relationship emerges there shouldn't be any difference between where you are, and where your hungriest fish hang out :-)

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