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April 11, 2011



John, you are, once again, dead on. With the tools at hand, someone has to show effectiveness in driving behavior.

Craig Badings

John, ad agencies, PR companies and lately social media companies have been managing content for decades. The difference is it was never under the guise of a content management strategy, rather it was all about getting your message to market.

Today, social media has made it a lot easier to take your story direct to consumers and engage with them. The web as you know too well, has seen a decline in the impact and reach of traditional media and as communicators we are having to adapt.

I think we are seeing, as per your content activation steps, a more systematic approach to managing content. However, tried and tested business principles still apply i.e. setting clear objectives up front and putting in place sound measurement and evaluation tools.

Ultimately though it still starts with understanding the issues and challenges facing your audiences and what they consume from a media/social media perspective.

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