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April 04, 2011


Jennifer Roberts

Hi John,

We've noticed a similar trend with our client base. Increasingly, many are looking at precise social targeting and integration into existing crm or business intelligence tools.

We organized our approach into a social media maturity curve with an emphasis on working within existing data management systems and work flow processes. We're working to correlate social media analytics with other data points so that both the use and monitoring of social media is less siloed with an emphasis on embedding ROI measurements.

Thanks for sharing!


Jeremie Averous

Hi John
Yes I believe there is necessarily a change in the leadership style of the organization between probably phase 3 and 4. The leadership style needs to change from the old-fashion directive one, to a more open and flexible one. Maybe that's what keeps many companies back from enjoying the full value of social media. Because the internal change is deep, it's not just external marketing.


Integration really should be the most important consideration; most change efforts are compromised or fail completely because an organizations management team fail to recognize that all areas working collaboratively is the key to long term success. Too often new tools are introduced and HR, Legal etc. Is in catch up mode when the failure to include all stakeholders results in problems. This will be true of the introduction of Social Media/Networking tools,perhaps more so.

Bob Heff

Hi John,

I like your articulation of the SM Adoption Path - easy, intuitive and useful. One of the areas, which I have some feedback for is the sequential flow associated with path. Particularly in Phase 1. Listening, where you state "listening-first is where most brands start." I work in consulting specifically in customer and social media analytics and I find that a great deal of clients have quickly deployed advertising and communication posts in FB - creating Fanpages, Twitter - hashtags, etc. before that really had a good listening platform set-up. In many cases they mimic other topic areas found in these community sites to quickly get out and onto the community platform without the benefit of metrics associated with a good listening platform. When they find that they are challenged getting worthwhile business intelligence our of their community fanpage or other deployments - they back into trying to assess what would be a good SMM Tool to get value and metrics our of their deployments.

Your thoughts?

Richard Anderson

The similarity of your phases to the phases of enterprise adoption of user-centered design / usability / customer experience as outlined by many (see http://bit.ly/3yT94I) is striking and, perhaps, instructive.


Bob Heff's point is interesting - the observation that social media has been a jump straight in before learning to swim phenomenon. Is that because it is perceived to be low cost and therefore low risk? But I imagine good campaigns are costly to run in terms of the human resources input time.

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