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March 28, 2011



Thanks for the kind words and the inspiring talk at Ogilvy Cape Town. Was Wonderful to finally meet up finally and look forward to learning more from you in the future.

All the best,


Romany Thresher

I too believe that 2011 will be a big year for social media in South Africa. It's already happening.

The one challenge I find is the lack of engagement, especially in the business arena. I have started following anyone I can find on Twitter based in South Africa and gosh to get that conversation started is like trying to get take a horse to the water who doesn't want to drink. So I'll bide my time and continue as I've been doing. I also understand that a lot of this is to do with people now knowing that there are Twitter tools to use.

Thanks for the stats, looks like I have to go and get myself on Tumblr.

Internet is way too expensive in South Africa and I honestly hope there comes a time when this will reduce in price. It will only benefit South Africa as a whole.

I've been focussing on launching my business in South Africa following the same principles as I do in the UK which is doing no offline marketing and it has been successful to tdate. Social media does work, you just have to have patience.

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