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March 02, 2011


Lynette Young

Thanks for this, this is my first year out and even after years of wanting to attend but skipping (for some of the very reasons you are skipping this year) - I was feeling a bit let down on actually attending. It's nice to read a positive, business oriented 'review' of SxSW and the benefits. I'll be on the lookout for your team on the ground...

Sarah Buhr

Lynette, John, This is my first year as well. Very excited. Invited to and looking forward to several good parties as well. I do hope to connect with and attend a few of the key events put on by Ogilvy. I've met a few from the DC office before. Hope to see them there. Thanks for this post. Glad I made the decision to go this year.

Matt Shaw

John: Thanks for this post. We (Council of PR Firms) are making our maiden voyage to SXSW next week, so we’re not quite sure what’s in store for us. It’s been an important place for our members (like Ogilvy) to go over the years; we want to be a part of the action this time. The learning, networking are clearly a big enticement for us. Thanks again for the wisdom.

We hope to see some of your team at our panel and/or cocktail reception on March 11th!


John, this was an excellent post and a great read. It brings back memories of my experiences at SXSWi last year. At the time I was at Agency and I was fortunate enough to experience the conference as a spectator and as an active representative for my clients. There was an element inherent in this well rounded experience that will forever be invaluable in my mind; not only did I see the personal/professional value in attending SXSW, but I also saw the value in brand participation.

Now that I am working in-house I was hoping to influence my current leadership team to participate in SXSWi '11; however, I was not able to succeed. I will absolutely be passing this post along to build my case for attending next year's conference. Thank you!

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