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March 16, 2011



Good solid comment and content as always John. Will be directing people to read this.

Buddy Scalera

Excellent post. Those stats support the basics of human communications, specifically that content matters. People socialize based on the content of conversation and shared experience they get from other people. In other words, it's more fun to hang out with interesting people than with dull people.

Social media has always been about the content. People want to share good content with their personal network. If there's nothing worth sharing, they're going to move on to something more interesting.



Fantastic post. Absolutely agree that “brands being social and brands being in social media are two different things.” Social media platforms should be considered as forums for conversation and not as a means for brands to push their message. Community building has always been pivotal to brand strategy and the companies that were ranked on the “Social Brand 100 Report” clearly understand that social media enables brand marketers to nurture and contribute to the dialogue happening within their communities. At PeopleBrowsr, we provide intelligent analysis of social media streams and a strategic response for brands and agencies interested in tracking the real-time conversations had about their brands or products online.

Our congratulations go out to everyone who made the list.


Jen Charlton and the PeopleBrowsr team

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