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January 31, 2011



I chip in...

maybe, because of the name (weak) they should not been taken for less useful. I think that weak ties can:

a) help recalling a movie trailer in my facebook news feed. surely I've been exposed by all the advertisment before, but we cannot remember each ad/trailer.

b) feeding content to strong ties, unless strong ties just connect with strong ties.

c) weak ties can be average ties... weak for someone and strong for someone else. just to say that mapping them wouldn't be a straight and easy job.

so, the social media program should be structured for both of them, I think


Jennifer Wayman

John, very interesting. I think the same holds true regarding "offline" weak ties: they are more effective in increasing awareness than prompting meaningful behavior change. The secret sauce lies in converting weak ties to strong ones, creating champions that are truly engaged and invested. That requires tapping into and/or creating personal relevance. But I agree with Denis -- there is a role for both, because without awareness, it's impossible to persuade.

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