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January 12, 2011



Awesome post John and thanks for mentioning Ad.ly!

Here are some "behind the scenes" numbers to help answer your question:

1. We did over 22,000 endorsements on Twitter in 2010
2. All message were 100% disclosed (per FTC guidelines)
3. We did not have one single negative event that we (or our marketer) had to address
4. Re: paid media, our campaigns average well under a $1 CPC ROI
5. Re: earned media, we had campaigns in the hundreds that became trending topics on Twitter

More observations...

The largest mainstream media publications average between 300 - 400 clicks per Tweet. A celebrity like a Kardashian or Beiber, will avg well over 18,000 clicks per Tweet. Compete.com shows celebrity names (aka keywords) as the large majority of direct search terms for Twitter.

I think the bigger question is... If the history of advertising is reaching the intersection of audience and message (a la newspaper, print, billboards, radio, television, internet, etc) and celebrities are creating the messages that people are paying attention too -- is this not an opportunity to create a relevant and compelling media experience?

Derek Rey
VP and co-founder of Ad.ly

Sally Dahlsten

Amazing post!! You're very much right in pointing out that - "The value of social media is the real earned media it generates and propels". Know doubt its relevant in the present market context. However on after thought i would say that Twitter as a marketing medium has some limitations as compared to other channels for example mobile phones. You must be aware of how the whole marketing world warmed up to the digital revolution,courtesy -smartphones! Now even business houses in developing nations are adopting digital marketing strategy as their primary choice of reaching out to the target audience. I believe you would love to hear that the largest marketing event in Asia is going to be held in Mumbai, India between 20th-22nd Jan. Its called Click Asia Summit 2011. If you wish to know more about the event just Google it and click on the first link. This is surely going to be an event to remember for everyone passionate about marketing and the digital media.

John Bell

Thanks for commenting, Derek. I have no doubt that you guys generate lots of clicks and things to count. I even see how your service may be a good paid media strategy for raising awareness around new products and services. But beyond a clickthrough, I question your effectiveness at driving behavior. And more importantly, the cloaking of the ad message in the celebrities "voice" even with the disclosure tags seems a little deceptive.

Alex Hazell

We were lucky enough to get a tweet from Kim Kardashian recently (just a free mention not paid) to our charities site.

Based on the results, I would agree with your point John about the questionable value of celebrity tweets. It was very effective at generating clicks but the quality of the traffic was incredibly low - they didn't hang around long!

Of course this was free - so we were very grateful. However, I doubt we'll be rushing to pay celebrities for tweets when other digital channels can be so much more effective.

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