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October 27, 2010


Kolb Learning

Twitter and FourSquare definitely have their uses. Recently I've been seeing a lot of location based promotions pop up that utilize FourSquare, and they seem to always be successful. Twitter is useful for keeping your loyal followers up to date with any contests, giveaways, and new events your business is involved in.

Dean Ford

I wonder what modification would be to this list for the B2B sector? LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube for sure. Flickr too if there is a valuable resource of photos. Any others??


Yes, too many businesses are in a hurry to get onboard Facebook, that they quickly set everything up without much thought to a proper plan. They don't realise that there needs to be decided tabs on the page, and content created for those tabs. As well as someone to specifically manage the page, post updates, and respond to comments.

If businesses really want to make Facebook networking as effective as it can be, a proper plan and strategy needs to be in place.


Jumping into the bandwagon may do harm to your business than good. A good social media campaign plan is necessary and some yardstick as how you will measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

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