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October 12, 2010


Steve Ziemba

I would have thought you to be more of a Ford Fiesta kind of guy.

Xavier Izaguirre

Great post John,

The concept of influence mapping works really well with a car. Certainly all the channels do have an influence, from advertising to WOM. The way these will affect you will depend on the context too.

I find cars very interesting at this respect since they are bound to normative influence ( social norms, role models and influence based on likeness and coolness ) and informational influence ( experts on cars making judgements on tecnhical bits of the car ).

You seem to have been influenced by emotional factors of closeness and trust derived from people in your interest graph ( perhaps Scott Monty??) because you may not be that interested or bothered in cars as pieces of engineering. However, perhaps someone with a bigger interest in cars as machines would be more influenced by statistics of durability, technical awards, or experts in the field, etc. makes sense.

I would too be guided more on the normative side of things, don't like cars that much.

Xavier Izaguirre

Sorry! In my other comment I meant to ask.... makes sense??? Not affirming it, if you approve my previous comment please edit that if you can

many thanks!!!

best wishes

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