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September 20, 2010


Regina Walton

Great to see this post! I was at that event and spoke to you.

Across the board, people are gauging how social media relates to what they're doing and how they can use it to make things more efficient.

These five ways you bring up are great. In the context of literacy, what's essential is that people are literate so they can find, understand and use the information. However, also they've got to have access to the technology to take advantage of it. There is also a confidence level that I find lacking even with people who are literate.

They're often still intimidated by technology. I can take just about any smart phone and have it figured out pretty fast. In that amount of time, however, someone who thinks that accessing social networks online is hard or who simply doesn't get the value of the social web is stumped.

This I've noticed first-hand. When I lived in South Korea, I saw people from young kids to grand parents using mobile phones and computers. (This is also because the equipment and the web is inexpensive to access.) However, here I find that some people are very intimidated.

With all of these programs designed to reach people, I hope the UN makes sure that the programs reach their targets to generate measurable and life changing results.

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