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August 16, 2010


Robyn Rottinger

Organisations definately need to ensure they have a system of delivery when putting or releasing their brand within the social media space. Too often, they take it for granted and place the brand inappopriately amongst the onslaught of mindless personal chatter. Perhaps there needs to be a Facebook for business?

Allen Bonde

Hi John - great post and real nice summary of some of the key elements of a COE, which can be a very helpful structure when scaling up tech+people driven corp initiatives. Here are a few other pieces/techniques I've used when rolling these out:

For early discovery and helping with the 'order' and consensus building, I like starting with a mission statement for enterprise social.

For measures and KPI, start with a mix of tactical and highly measurable metrics like traffics/clicks and more 'value-add' but harder to measure ones like lifetime customer value.

For aligning the vision and promoting a common language (key to working across different orgs IMO), establish or adapt a maturity model to show 'we are here' and 'we are going HERE' - for an example see http://blog.offerpop.com/?p=23.

Again, really enjoyed the post, and thanks for allowing me to share a few additional ideas - would love your thoughts!


Amber Naslund


Excellent post and guide for those looking for a workable model, and it's one I endorse wholeheartedly. Thank you especially for bringing up consistent measurement practices. While each business area might tweak some specific metrics relative their goals, having some consistency provides the groundwork for tracking progress over time, and getting tangible insights out of that information later on.

Jay Baer and I have a similar model outlined for our upcoming book, and more and more folks at the enterprise level are headed in this direction (Dell, Autodesk, Humana, H&R Block...). Seems your'e onto something.

Cheers and thanks,
Amber Naslund

John Bell

Amber - thanks for your comment. let me know more about the book - sounds promising.

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