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July 26, 2010


Mike Harmanos

Outstanding article. We are now close to five years since the heady days of WOMMA and articles in the New York Times about advertising being obsolete and everyone saying so. It's great to see some payoff... finally!


Hi John, I completely agree with you. Just wanted to add a couple points and get your take on it.

When organizations think of digital media (of which social is a huge component), they need to realize that markets want to have simple, straight forward conversations with people, Not brands. The recent success of Old Spice was a simple reminder...its always a conversation between people.

So, companies, especially in the FMCG sector need to start thinking about giving employees a voice. I believe that the future lies in having multiple people managing communities for a brand. This would allow for conversations with real people, on a much larger scale. Of course, this also means that organizations would have to be careful to hire people who understand the sub cultures in which it's products/services play. But shouldn't they be doing that anyway?

You thoughts?

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