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July 12, 2010


Laurel Papworth

Yep its MEDIA that is lagging not AUSTRALIA. With nearly 10 million facebookers active monthly and 29% of Australians (Forresters) uploading content each month, we lead worldwide.
PS social networking is for OVER 30's - the yoof stick to SMS. Too busy figuring out their place in the world to reflect on it I guess.

Michele Smorgon

Hello John,
What a very nice article! I agree with your sentiments, re Australia and the adoption of Social Media and certainly do not agree with "we're behind (the development of social media) the US." That may have been the case in 2008, however as the stats have shown Australia has most definitely caught up with the US, Canada & Europe ...
Australian are known for "giving it a go"
Michele Smorgon @maxOz
"Down Under"

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