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June 09, 2010



Yes. To all of it. We are becoming more distracted by constant interruptions which saps our ability to do one thing and do it well.

However, the human brain is highly adaptable and we need the speed-reading, skimming, information filtering abilities to function in today's information overload society.

When I first joined Twitter the "firehose" of information was daunting, but I quickly adapted and learned how to filter and deal with it on my terms.

That said, I'm off to see which of my 20 open browser tabs has anything useful in it!

Kris Colvin

I totally agree. And you are part of the reason I'm addicted. When your mind is fed with mental stimulus, *on demand*, because I can pretty much login and get some new spark of insight, or interesting link to read, or idea that develops because of a conversation I witness, the addiction deepens. There are so many psychological aspects - like Pavlov's dog, I also respond to things written by you, or Shannon Paul, or Olivier Blanchard (to name only a few), instantly. "Ooh, I love John Bell, what did he say??!" The interest is instant - how can I not click and read, instead of maintaining my focus on the task at hand?? :-)


I'm still decent with names, but it's harder than it used to be. My corollary is phone numbers. I used to store dozens of them in my head and could probably still rattle off half the ones from my elementary school class...but I couldn't tell you my boyfriend's phone number. It's in my phone, in my Outlook contacts and surely in a travel reservation somewhere. I don't need to know it--I can always find it.

And I LOVE clicking my way through uncharted waters. I still love digging through another bloggers' blogroll...those who still post them or update them, anyway. Sometimes, instead of a new novel, I'll read through someone's archives and find a story I like just as well.

I have been known to have the same response to the internet as I have to 500 channels--sometimes, there's still nothing good on.

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