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May 12, 2010


Thomas Crampton

Yes, the desire to pay runs across many markets in Asia, but is worst in China. (Disclosure: I am John's colleague and run the APAC DI practice for Ogilvy)

On a more positive note, we have found that many clients who embrace paying of bloggers or seeding positive comments eventually come back to us after we decline to take up such activities. If you drop the ethical aspect and even the potential downside, a paid posting is pretty bad value in terms of advertising.

Think about it: Everyone can identify spam that makes it into their email box - even if that spam manages to evade the best spam filters. A paid posting or copy-paste positive comment is equally easy to spot.

A novice social media client may demand a guaranteed number of postings, but as they get more savvy clients see that paying for comments is not good value.

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