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April 27, 2010


Ted Wright

NIce piece John. I look forward to a response from the McKinsey authors who seem to have gone silent since publication of their article.

Just a quick question - what valid science has Duncan Watts contributed to measuring WOMM? Before he "went on leave" from Columbia I remember the assumption filled computer models. Is there something else that I missed?


Surely the game changed with Zuckerberg's Opengraph announcements at F8 last week...any thoughts John?

Gigi DeVault

Great post, John. I echo your reservations about the McKinsey article. Though you didn't say it outright (appreciate your professionalism) McKinsey "whitepapers" seem to suffer from a dearth of citations of other work from which they draw (your POV euphemism may suggest this). Perhaps it is an artifact of McKinsey's consultant over-reach. So I, too, am looking for a case / data to support what appears to be a promising construct.

I have just recently begun to write for About.com and do not have a budget that permits membership in WOMMA. Can you point to some WOM analytics resources that I can review & summarize in order to help my readers?

Thank you much.

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