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April 29, 2010




This is an interesting perspective. While I will not dispute the relationship, I believe you have short-changed the value of Social CRM. In other words the picture is incomplete.

What is missing is the following (and my list is also incomplete, just some top level ideas).

1 - What is in it for the customer? This is a very company centric, Inside-out view of what Social CRM can and should be

2 - Communications/Process - You silo CRM as about data, but nothing about process. Data without process is not really valuable.

I will not dispute the IRM addition, just mention that Social CRM is a lot more than you state.


Paul May

Your point about infrastructure integration is dead-on. I think it's worth noting that the line between IRM and SCRM is very fuzzy because the line between "influencer" and "prospect/customer" is so fine (particularly as you move into the long tail)...take b2b software as an example. In the past, prospects had limited access to actual customers to help guide their decision process. Today, in many cases, the biggest word-of-mouth influencers are customers/prospects participating in communities and forums.

IMO, the long-term health of the PR industry is largely tied to broadening the definition of "influencers" in a way that incorporates the changing nature of an influencer. If you just think of influencer relations as an evolution of media relations, you end up with strategies and business models that are just an evolution of traditional PR. If instead you define an influencer as "someone who influences a purchase decision," you end up with a much different set of strategies and business models.

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