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February 28, 2010


Sue Windley (aka DangerousMkting)

Thank you too John for your great input into #Like Minds too - very thought-provoking presentation about social media strategy.

As a marketer who is a relative "newbie" to social media, I found this conference both inspirational and a revelation. I had concerns that social media users were too caught up in the excitement of what social media is, rather than what it does. So thank you - and all the other presenters too - for putting us old-school marketing strategists' minds at ease!

Social media is one channel of many - but Like Minds showed it to be the most exciting and challenging marketing channel to date. Its speed of enabling customer/consumer contact will be scary to many corporates but I believe the future of marketing is safe in social media's hand, especially with conferences of the standard of Like Minds.

Olivia Hill

Thanks for the great summary John. I agree that Likeminds is a truly inspirational conference and one that I will most definitely be attending again.

Two further quotes that stood out for me were:
1. From @kate_day: Really know your audience.
2. @chrisbrogan: People just want to feel special.

Simple, yet it's amazing how often these two points are overlooked or forgotten.


Hello John,

Nice little summary. I enjoyed most of the speaking, including yours, from afar.
(one thing social media cannot do yet, is abolishing real-time zones :)



Hi John,

Thanks for the great summary. Thanks for speaking at Likeminds too - I really enjoyed your presentation. The belt system which you use went down well with many.

I agree that @jonakwue did a great job of equating social media with hip hop. One of the things he said which really stuck with me is that users have THEIR space online. Brands would do well to remember this when trying to engage.

For me, the biggest success of the conference was that it delivered on it's aim - connecting people. It truly was people-to-people. If you want to hear me rambling on about this my blog post summary is here > http://www.robertpickstone.com/2010/02/27/why-i-think-likeminds-2010-truly-delivered/

Do come back to Exeter and Likeminds again. You helped to make it a great day.



Molly Flatt

Thanks very much for the nod John, I do think real time and real world will be key for brands to bring relevant experiences to consumers as our off and online lives increasingly merge. A new nimbleness is coming...

You're right that Scott and Drew did a great job, Like Minds was truly special and a real forum for learning and making connections, not just back-patting or justification.

Your own presentation was as grounded and clear-sighted as ever. I for one look forward to continuing the Like Minds conversations over the weeks to come...


Hey John, great to meet you at Like Minds and thanks for your kind words. I, too, regard the event as a fabulous mix of ideas and generosity, and am glad the experience seems to have been universal. I think it's rare to be able to mix corporate stories with small biz stories and in these new media spaces we need more of that. There are different considerations for representatives from large and small businesses - and different responsibilities arising as a result.

In any case I look forward to seeing the results of the case study analysis over the weekend at Like Minds and hope to meet you again soon.

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