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January 04, 2010


Kipp Bodnar


Thanks for mentioning my post. I agree with all three of your points. For B2B 2010 is very much about integration. I think proactive sales people will leverage social media, to get ahead of the pack.

Great post!

Warren Tibbotts

A lot of salsepeople dont really understand Social media, and the benefits that it can achieve, and I think this also goes for a lot of decision makers in businesses. Social networking, and social media as a business sales tool for generating new sales and business in the offline world I believe is still very much at the early adopter stage, and my personal belief is that the true benefits of this wont be seen yet for another 2-3 years. That's when it will be a lot more mainstream

Christopher West | SEO Company

I must agree with Warren here. Many sales people have no clue about the social media aspect or what they cah achieve by spending an hour or so online every day.

I believe social media will be an important aspect of anyone's sales goals in the future, and the future is now.


Your Predictions about social media and B2B are very interesting and helpful and informative too.

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