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December 07, 2009


Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

I was struck by your “evaluate on-the-fly” observation, and couldn’t agree more. There are so many “unknown unknowns” with how a campaign, or any marketing program, can unfold with the added dimension of social media. However, more broadly I am surprised social media listening tool developers and user companies have failed to see the tool’s capability for what it really is, a real-time decision making laboratory. We now have the ability to make strategic course corrections on the fly. As a marketer this makes my heart beat a little faster—okay, I don’t get out much.

The body of invaluable real time data available on the Internet was unattainable by even the wealthiest company historically. Now, for a small fraction of a company’s marketing budget it can tap this information to give itself an unfair strategic advantage over the competition to own markets and drive demand. However, the majority of companies use it for little more than a clip book.


P.S. Great series.

John Bell

Great comment. Working iteratively - listening, adjusting or responding - is hard work. It is foreign to most marcom experts. We gotta get good at that and the listening companent is underutlized as you describe.


Great post. I especially recognise the 3rd point. See far too many people trying to use new technology in comms for major bits of work yet have never used these to even keep in touch with friends. It's like learning to drive a truck when you've never got on a bike.

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