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November 30, 2009


Kipp Bodnar


You make some very good points. I believe that the public relations professional of the future needs to have a stronger understanding of client business objectives as well as over brand positioning and marketing.

We all need to be come data scientists as well as people scientists. The data that is provided to us by the social web can give us new perspective on engagement and influence.

Technically we need to understand how data is and can be shared digitally, so that these possibilities can be layered with the word-of-mouth habits of our audiences.

We have to test and "break" traditional best practices to see which still hold true and which need to evolve.

Thanks for sharing part one, I look forward to the others.

John Bell

I totally agree with your two key points. I actually take it for granted that every marcom pro - junior to senior must inderstand the business objectives. I love how you break down the need to test and learn and understand how data (information?) flows and is shared. Good points.

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