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October 28, 2009




Thanks for mentionning us and thanks for the article. Very interesting.

Actually, our (eCairn) take on this is, is that there is no such a thing as social media... nor social media monitoring and listening.

The real paradigm shift is that the net has transformed into a myriad of communities. (mommy, gamers, cloud computing experts...) So the read challenge is for brand to interact with these communities and influencers that matters and not to spread themselves too thin.

We focus on communities and influencers and not on "social media as a channel".

Here is as an example on how we map the Social Media Monitoring communtiy: http://blog.ecairn.com/2009/11/10/nov-09-top-150-social-media-marketing-influencers/

Also our solution goes beyond community mapping, influencers identification, insights gathering/ discover and also enable productivity in engagement.

Focusing on a set of influencers (let's say 1000's in domain like IT Security, Mommy bloggers...), enable you to have repetitive conversations with people that matter and to grow your attention.

You end up marketing WITH the community and not TO/ON the social media.

On another topic: automatic anything is a wrong paradigm in social ;-).

Automatic sentiment does not work (70 at best with heavy context capture) and things are getting worse.
Communities are by design inventing their own language as they try to differentiate (look at the lolcat language as a funny example) and the complexity of language analytics is growing faster than linguistic research.
Moreover, people's expectations is engagement with another person, not an algorithm.

If you want to continue the discussion, just email me.

Dominique Lahaix

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