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June 20, 2009


Nick McGivney

That's a great summation of some of the types drawn to soc media from traditional advertising in my experience. I'm a downsized WPP ex and I now work mainly as a digital content writer, but curiously what drove me online was the fabulous community that congregated around Our Jacob, the blog I started for our son who has Down Syndrome. Social very definitely was the driver in my case, but transferring a career of 20 years as a copywriter onto that chassis has given me a greater insight into how it can work for brands. The key is always always that simple Engagement word. Thanks for your summary.

Dan Schawbel

John, good blog post. Most people think personal branding is selfish and manipulative, but for those who actually do it right, the results are incredible.

Jozsef Boros

Hi John, great post.
My take-away is: "being real means offering something of yourself to others"

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