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April 20, 2009


Andrew Thomas

Great article and I think from my observations Twitter has excelled for all the reasons shown above, making it a superb tool for businesses and individuals to research and collaborate with their customers.

This is also true of Facebook, but with the feel of a retail space: a place where individuals can relax, catch-up with friends and learn more about their favourite brands. Where as Twitter does exactly that, but shared with more business-to-business activity and expert exchange to deliver what feels a more powerful message to consumers and partners.


The need to understand their customers better is one of the top CMO needs in this time of crisis because customer retention is key. Social media is seen as one way to to that (salesforce.com integrating twitter is a good example of how the info available is social media is making it's way to the heart of the enterprise)
I think the best combination is twitter + blogs. Twitter for the real time interaction/relationship management and blogs for the longer term/deeper interaction /relationship management.

John Bell

@andrew thomas and @laurent - agree with both of you. Your associating of Facebook and "retail space" is timely based upon some social shopping trends that are happening and things we are working on. The role that Twitter plays amidst all of the tools/platforms available - e.g. your Twitter + blogs mention - is where it is used strongest. Said another way - having a strategy that uses platforms for what they are great at and uses them together is where it's at....

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