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April 29, 2009


Marissa Yennie

Although no one wants to be in a recession, I think that marketers can really capitalize on it and learn how to be even more crafty and innovative. These steps and guides are particularly helpful because sometimes people get overwhelmed and find themselves with no direction. I agree that "tried and true" tactics are no longer true. Although a recession is a time to hold on to the clients you have, marketers can take more risks than they have in the past-- can try new, different things they may not have tried before, like experimenting with social media outlets to communicate with target audiences. Marketers now have the time to attain a higher level of social media work. Marketers can also experiment with word-of-mouth marketing like never before. Also, audiences are more demanding and want to gain something out of these relationships that marketers form. I agree that marketers need to be of use to the audience.

Authority Networker

The fusion of internet network marketing and social media is a perfect attraction marketing strategy to reach potential customers anywhere in the world. Many marketers are attracted to social media because of the reduced costs compared to expensive television, radio and newspaper ads. Social media marketing taps into a familiar concept called attraction marketing and lets you build relationships with your targeted audience. Social media sites can help establish your presence in a number of different places on the Web. Traditional marketing will never be able to target as precisely as social media marketing. Just imagine the social media profits you can have in being able to recruit people from different places.

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