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April 01, 2009


Jonathan Richman

I wrote about this same thing earlier in the week (http://bit.ly/vqn5F) and agree with you, John.

Also, many companies aren't waiting. Here's a list of all the pharma related social media projects out there (http://bit.ly/B3PR7)

John Mack

Pharma doesn't have to wait for the FDA to get engaged in social media. However, it should not be left out of the process when FDA decides to issue guidance. Nor should the public!

Sooner or later FDA will issue guidance and it will affect what the industry is doing.

I am calling for a public hearing at FDA to bring in all stakeholders -- pharma companies, healthcare professionals, consumer advocates, publishers, ad agencies, legal/regulatory experts, technology companies, Web site owners, etc. -- to advise the FDA BEFORE it issues guidance.

I invite you and your readers to take my survey regrading their opinion on a public hearing. Take the survey here: http://tinyurl.com/d9kxmy

Thank you.

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