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April 15, 2009


Rob Murray

Its true.

In the UK the BBC recently held Beebcamp which was a gathering of bloggers/digital industry supremos, internal and external. See here http://bit.ly/beebcamp2

Ian Cook

think you are spot on here and your thoughts echo a blog we wrote recently about the Lack of Understanding is 'Obstructing the growth of Digital PR' perhaps you might like to comment on this?


Michael Daehn

"The good news is that training a great marketer in planning and using social media is easier than training a social media pundit to be a great marketer."


Great post.

Robert Lönn

I can only agree with the speaker above and I am so looking forward to the days where we see less dumb TV commercials. Cause that must be the effect of refocusing the marketing teams to include social media.

David Breznau

Thank you. The more sanity the better. I've referenced your thoughts. Thanks.


Thank you for this information. Companies that are not embracing social media tactics will soon find themselves stale. Whether the companies can florish using social media or not, it is properly positioning themselves within that which makes a difference.


We are doing something similar here in Italy... I hope it goes well! Surely we need more barcamp, brandcamp, barbrand,etc...

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