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March 01, 2009


Jennifer James

Interesting post. There is certainly an evolution/ shift going on in the mom blogging space. Having been a part of it for five years I have noticed that creative ideas are now surfacing quickly, especially as companies figure out the best way to engage us and not get lost in the noise of products and giveaways.

You're right. I also believe a loyal core of 20-30 brand ambassadors is more potent in this space than 150 mom bloggers touting the virtues of xyz product. Wal-Mart has done a phenomenal job. Very, very few mom bloggers haven't heard of the 11 moms. It's getting the rest of the community involved past the core group that becomes more tricky. It will be interesting to see what Ogilvy comes up with especially as mom bloggers become more competitive and the community isn't as nicey-nice as it once was.

Jennifer Jamieson

Have you seen Target's Momversation, this is another interesting approach to marketing with Mommy Bloggers; features videos with an assortment of Mommy Blog superstars (Dooce, Mighty Girl, Finslippy)discussing a variety of parenting topics. The bloggers embed the videos on their popular websites and the only "selling" is in the form of an intro commercial for Target.


PS Funny, Jennifer Jamieson following Jennifer James in the comments. :)


I'm late to the game on this one, but enjoyed the post. I agree that it's better to have a few core bloggers touting a product rather than have the product suddenly show up on 100 blogs. I found it interesting that you mentioned the Walmart 11 moms and how many of them mentioned other companies in their posts. This is because there is a relatively small number of mom bloggers taking part in the lion's share of highly publicized corporate relationships.

As a pioneer in the WOM field, I'm interested to know your thoughts on this. As a consumer, I find it confusing when one blogger speaks as a brand ambassador (over and above a review) for a cartload of products. I have also found that some bloggers lose their voice... they are so busy with their "jobs" of speaking out on behalf of products that they no longer share their normal thoughts and experiences (I am now beginning to think of this as the Jon & Kate effect, but that's another story). How do bloggers find balance? And how do companies move beyond some of the more obvious choices to seek out those bloggers who are truly ambassadors for their products? How do we keep the strength that WOM marketing has always held as we battle skepticism from those who believe that any product mention is a paid advertisement in disguise?

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