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March 25, 2009



Good post on Social media marketing.Thank you..

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Good post.



I'd love to see a little more expansion of the idea in #3. Do you have some examples? Also, the idea, at least as I understand it...does it allow/promote any brand confusion?

We know you can't control the message, but if you are integrating RSS feeds from 3rd parties, you may not want to highlight directly messages that are not consistent or, at worse, detrimental to your brand?

I love #3 and it's a great synergy between a Raving Fan centric model and a mass model, but it's still a bit unclear in my head.

Really great post though. Thank you.

Carri Bugbee

The more I think about scaling social media marketing, the more I think we need completely different business models and ways of thinking about how we approach this conundrum.

Looking at it in the same way we approach advertising or other traditional marketing (i.e., one-to-many) just won't work. I think social media marketing has to scale more akin to PR and/or CRM. It will always be people-intensive, but the cost savings will come from media savings. Social media initiatives won't necessarily be "cheap," marketing dollars will just be allocated in a different way.



Hi John,

thank you for sharing this.

However, I have a doubt about point 1. I do agree with personalisation of the communication, and the sincerity and the long way process but, on my day to day work, I feel that bloggers (expecially the influencers) are pitched too often for participating to a WOM program. And I'm afraid that they are already pissed off.

I am experimenting different approaches, letting influencers find my "client" from other activities, a mix od ADV and WOM with my friends and people that I know.

I guess the WOMMA seminar would help me, shame there is an ocean between!

(I hope any of above makes sense)

John Bell

I agree we need to approach differently. I also agree that effective social media-based WOM programs aren't 'cheap". I do think they are mre effective especially when integarted with traditional marketing.

Marketers need scale. That scale will come in three ways:
1. operational scale - meaningful outreach to more influencers
2. scale of reach
3. scale via "pass-along" or the G2X model

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