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January 26, 2009



Hi John,

I believe that, while commenting, there is a thin line between comment and spam.

Well, perhaps not too thin...

I believe that there is nothing bad about promoting a brand or a product via a comment as long as there is some relevance on the topic.

Of course, if I am talking about indie music, and someone comments putting link about viagra well... it's definitely spam. He/she used the comment form just to place a link.

But if someone is, for instance, talking about saving rates, and there is a comment promoting a loan broker search service... well, it is still a bit spammy but at least the link adds something to the article (unless it is some scam to steal identities!)

In the ideal scenario, when a blogger talks about a particular topic, the comment should enrich the main post. After that a line like "if you want to see more, please take a look at : whatever.com" can be accepted.

Could we say, as a rule of thumb, that if you want value from the comment(ie. promoting) you should give value with the comment?

John Bell

@Denis I see your point. I need to keep prefacing everything so that anyone who jumps in midstream knows that the minimum requirement is FULL DISCLOSURE. If you are going to comment with some super-relevant product/service mention then be a human who reveals your employer or client and demonstrate your passion for the product. e.g. "everyone here seems interested in understanding how we will ultimately get to a nation of fuel efficient homes. I work for X. I can tell you what we are doing - beyond my clear self interest - I am totally passionate about our solar solutions for homes now and those on the drawing board. They combine the two things that matter most for the homeowners we talk to.....Check them out..."

NOW, what happens if you post essentially the same message in 20, 50, 100 places online (all home-relevant places). When does it start losing "authenticity?"


mmm... For what I see on my day to day basis, every content is unique. Hence, every comment should be unique.

Posting nearly the same thing everywhere is just some content spammed everywhere... or the right content with the wrong distribution.

When I do promotion on blogs my workflow is: reading, understanding, commenting by hitting preview, read again the post with my comment below and asking to myself "does it make sense?"

If the answer is no I rather pass along.

I know, it sounds like a long job. It is. But I am aware that once a comment is posted hardly can be removed. Better to be careful and "genuine" than.

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