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December 15, 2008


Canadian Florist

I am actually a member of the Victoria's Secret group on Facebook. I think that their updates are always very helpful/informative. However, I think that they need to send updates more often and maintain more consistent contact with users. Their on again/off again relationship with members is very unpredictable.

giles rhys jones

America's favourite stains - priceless! For all the chat about the future state of marketing I often forget the refined atmosphere we breathe up here at the top of the marketing blogosphere, foothills in my case. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth.

Drew Gneiser

I have found the emptiness of Facebook fan pages as well. Creating engaging, helpful information is really the key to a thriving community.

Thanks for the great post.

John Bell

Giles - how many times has a client (or us) fallen in love with a "brand idea" that makes no sense for customers? I actually think that the following post on agencies (ours) creating a retail beachhead could help us avoid "koolaid-itis"

John Bell

@Canadian Florist and @Drew - I am guessing that you are both right. facebook groups serve a simple CRM function right now - email the group an update. How can they be more? How can they earn a plce in people's personal news feeds?

Flower Delivery Chicago

I share the same point of view. I have worked on Facebook for quite a long time and I think it is hard to maintain a popular community or group.

Jeff Paul Internet Millions

I just want to add that why the method of social network advertising should be changed this is going perfectly and its quite easy so what else problem you faced should i know that ?

Egy Azziera

Facebook is clearly trying to drive more advertisers to use the platform, and it makes a lot of sense now with Facebook allowing you to drive non-fans to specific pages inside your business profile. This is going to add value and interest for users who will make their way to your Facebook page. Brands should embrace this tactic and give Facebook advertising a shot - you won’t be disappointed this time around.

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