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November 13, 2008



WOM by itself is a tactic - that is - just a method. The way how it becomes a strategy - that is a plan of action - is when it changes to 'referrals.' This simply isn't an issue in semantics.

WOM is non-strategic - which means that you're relying on the 'goodwill' of others.
(For example, have you ever had someone say that they have a new business - and within 6 months they've moved on? - that's the lack of power that WOM has).

Referrals however are strategic - you're implementing a desired act - that is asking and directing. For example, if the business owner had implemented a sign-up sheet - where people listed say 5 others who they know that might use that business owners products or services - or even handing out invitations to that business owners launch -would have done a whole lot more use than 'asking for a favor.'

Referrals also generate longer term clients. Why? Simply b/c the person doing the 'referring' is directly interested in the outcome. Why? No one likes to be thought of as giving the 'wrong' advice.

In the end, there has to be a distinction between WOM and Referrals.

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