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October 29, 2008


Stephen Pierzchala

John, measurement is one of the issues that plagues any industry. And it is particularly hard to measure something that is mostly intangible, such as reputation.

WOM relies not just on branding, but on the reputation that your product or service has. You can tell a customer how effectively you have been able to deliver your message, but how can you measure the effectiveness of the WOM spreading of your message once it leaves your control?

In the economic world we are now living in, WOM is based on the ability to deliver an effective message to those that will spread the message for you at no cost or at least a lower cost than you can.

And once the message leaves your hands, how do you measure it?

No solutions here, just questions.


Dear John,

Im a last semester university student in Indonesia. I have one question here : Is there any tools to masure the effectiveness of WOM? I need the variables in order to construct my questionnaire.

Thanks for your help. Im looking forward to having your answer.

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