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August 26, 2008



Presidential nominee Barack Obama's speech at the DNC reminded me that while many Americans need the truth that he brings, the sad fact is that many Americans love the old America just as much; and want nothing to change which is natural.

The pain, suffering, hatred, strife and all of the negatives doled out to millions of people for centuries, is just fine with them.

It is immature to believe that America could change so easily when a large segment of the American population is representative of the very reason that change is needed, and that things are the way they are.

Yes, any change for good will be difficult.

Sen. Obama's speech was most encouraging and a blessing to hear; but there are those who would dash every encouraging word into the muck of every degrading moment ever recorded in history.

So the happiness to be an American is still not appreciable 100% because people will not allow you to be totally heartfelt and the best American one can be; driving that same negativity back into things, robbing us all of the happiness to be in America

Reminding us of all of the horror that is delivered to us daily, with no end in sight.

That is another dream. Millions of light years away.


The rest of the world is sitting back laughing with disgust at the same time at what is going on at the RNC.If McCain is able to pull this off,the credibility and beliefs in what this country stands for in the eyes of the world would have no no substance.What about all of the other thousands of pow's who suffered the same and some greater fates as McCain,ENOUGH!What speech did Palin "knock out of the park".If anything it was a foul ball to the dugout.It had no meaning to anyone but the people in the hall.The republicans are turning the fear they have of an african american president and trying to convey that message to the rest of white america in a sense to say that we can't let this happen and we must do and say anything to prevent it.We are not idiots,we know what the real issues are.This Rediculous National Convention is the last stand for the hard line biggots of this country that can't accept change especially color.


For Sarah Palin this is all about the big payoff after McCain lose this election.She is only in this for the publicity and time in the world spotlight.She isn't concerened about foriegn policy, healthcare,education,economy,bipartisanship,and especially Iraq and Afganistan with a son headed to war,she may be using this as a chance to keep her son out of harms way.I respect her as a strong mother but a mother that needs to be with her family back in Alaska, not on this world stage dragging her family through the mud with John McCain.If John McCain wanted a woman on his ticket for the female vote, he should have tapped on the shoulder of a Janet Reno.He has sacraficed the votes of a lot of loyal male followers for the under-handed move of trying to steal Hillary votes and it's all backfired,Oboma could have called on Hillary and made this a no-brainer for the most part,but his pick of Biden was brilliant also because it opened the door of self destruction for the republicans and McCain went right in.

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