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July 01, 2008



I just read about FashionologyLA yesterday in Vanity Fair. It sounds interesting. I love street fashion. Thanks for sharing the link to Chictopia!


Hi John - lovely reading about your thoughts on fashion! :) Chictopia has truly capitalized on people's fascination with street fashion photography, which many other fashion-oriented sites like Sugar and Glam networks have - and are still to a certain extent - incorporating as part of their communities. Putting the focus back on the essence of street fashion, however, seems the best way to tap into the spirit of social media, as successfully proven by The Sartorialist.

Another site I recently discovered is Lookbook (http://lookbook.nu/) and I like it so much that I've pulled one of their look book badges onto my blog, where paid ads would normally go (not that I make much money off of the blog anyway). A vibrant and untapped (by brands, at least) community also exists on Flickr called "What's in Your Bag? (http://www.flickr.com/groups/whats_in_your_bag/pool/)" which is another fun one to browse through.

Hope you're well - happy fourth of July!

John Bell

@minjae - I love Lookbook (although it's weird how the "looks" run in a serial fashion - like each person is inspired by the previous posting...)

I haven't quite found the "look" site for me yet...

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