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July 10, 2008


Martha Garvey

Our government's agencies and institutions are definitely blogging...I'm particularly a fan of the TSA blog, the Evolution of Security, which is making an honest effort to answer questions, amend procedures, become more transparent, via their blog. You can find that blog, and many others, via this page:


Samantha Warren

Our government? Maybe. Our military? Pffft.

In my opinion, that is where social media makes the greatest impact. Not only does it help the moral of our soldiers, but it also gives the American public a window into the lives of those serving our nation. Regardless of the emotional effect, its just basic PR. It gives human characteristics to issues (both negative and positive). The DOD is a huge percentage of the US government... too large to be ignored in the social media debate.


John Bell

@Martha - thanks for the list
@Samantha - Are there parts of DOD that are open to using social media or is it just too against the grain of security for us to expect that to happen?

Samantha Warren

I believe it will happen eventually, many are open to it... but it will take a shift in leadership and culture that will only happen over time. While security is an issue, culture is really the driving force. Social Media in its truest sense is an uncensored conversation. The army for example allows soldiers to blog, but with the over site of their leadership. They made an attempt with http://www.army.mil/GiJill/ to have an official blog, supported by the leadership, but there are no comments. There are definately many in DOD and our military branches who "get it" we just have to wait until they are promoted to a rank that permits them to have a greater say in the decision making.

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