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July 28, 2008


Account Deleted

John - great post. It's been wonderful to see more and more clients and agencies looking to engage with consumers on both a personal and real time basis. Comcast, although they drop the ball quite often, is a great example of how one company can do this.

I've also written about some of the tools to use when listening to online communities. You can view them here:


Paul L.

There are so many more ways to get your client’s name out to the media. PR tactics definitely have changed with the times. What was once a phone call is now an e-mail. John this a great posting, and really tells the whole world what smart PR firms have been doing for the past few years. I heard about the agency, 5W Public Relations that use all the tactics you mentioned above. I don’t know much about other older firms, but this one is young, and actually knows the ins and outs in technology, using the internet as a big tool.

Rob Caldwell

Nice post. I like how you talk about finding new customers and give good examples of different ways to do this.

Linda Margaret

It's interesting in Europe to follow the linguistic versus geographical (country) trends. This even varies according to source; blogs tend to look forward to or target features while forums are more experiential in discussion. Listening posts are very linguistically and culturally nuanced.

John Bell

Linda - great comment of language. I have found the same thing. Running a global team, I witnss a few challenges beyond just the language and cultural distinctions. The web is more segmented by language than anything. Our team in Australia for instance is wrestling with communicating via social media when th English-language country is consuming and participating in Internet content and conversations from all over the English-web (similar for the link between Spain and some countries in SA, etc....)


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