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March 26, 2008



John, too bad we didn't get a chance to meet while you were here. Hope you enjoyed your stay.



John Bell

Esteban - terrible to miss you. I really love BA. So, go get some cookes from Sugar & Spice!

Alex Bellinger

This is a great story. If I'm ever in BA I know where I'm heading as one of my first ports of call!

Cluetrain and social media are very often aligned - markets are conversations and all that. Small business owners know this better than anyone from real life. And are leading the way in demonstrating the value of these principles online too.

Thanks for sharing.

CarlenLea Lesser

I think it is. I've worked with both large international brands and smaller "mom & pop" companies. The smaller organizations have a higher tolerance for risk, as long as there's little spend involved. Social media is, generally, more about commitment and time - not spend. There's also fewer lawyers involved when it's a small organization -- that definitely makes it easier.

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