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February 03, 2008



You're killing me, John. Why give an industry that builds its astronomical revenues by attacking the public's health through lies and addiction any more ideas? Or create some club that underage smokers aspire to be a part of as they continue to slowly kill themselves - puff by magic puff??!?

This is the part that I say that our role as marketers should transcend making money for our clients - it SHOULD ALSO be for the greater good. Lofty? Absolutely.

And this is the part where I say that we have had the privilege to work alongside South Carolina's passionate WOM youth-led movement (right here in Big Tobacco's back yard), which boasts one of the highest tobacco rate drops among teens in the nation - with the least amount of funding. The name of the movement? That's right: Rage Against the HAZE. www.rageagainstthehaze.com

John Bell

You're right. I knew it was plain evil. It's all ego - you know. I get an idea and just want to share it. The good news is that they will never do it.

I love the work you and your team have doen in Anti-smoking social marketing. Some of the best social marketing that I have seen.

I will try to mend my erring ways.

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