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December 24, 2007


Alison Byrne Fields

"Wizened"? My uncle is not wizened. In fact, if he wasn't my uncle and it wasn't completely gross thing to suggest, I would say David's looking pretty hot.

Okay, he's not my uncle.

kathryn milette

what an odd answer. of course they made more if they didn't make anything off of digital copies before. anyway, for a segment of people used to downloading music for "free" online, i wonder if the option to pay at a lesser rate (less than the standard 99 cents a song popular on most sites) changed their free-riding behavior. at the very least, it exposed them to other radiohead stuff (special edition cd, merchandise, etc) that they may not have already been aware of. i like the pricing experiment, though. the changing dynamics of the music industry need this kind of innovation to help find a new business model.

John Bell

@kathryn - yeah, it seems like he's saying we finally got revenue from digital. Perhaps the answer must be found after the CD has its run and we count overall revenue. Still I think artists will be inspired by Radiohead's guts.

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