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December 23, 2007



Great post! This is one of the most clearly thought through posts on how to pitch social media to brand managers that I have ever seen. I'm a brand manager myself and wish that my agencies used this approach when talking about social media.

John Bell

Thanks for the positive feedback. Sometimes I hesitate to post stuff like this cause it seems self evident but maybe not...


As the co-founder of a social media organization, i think this post does a fantastic job in breaking down, in a very systematic way, on doing a social media 101 to those that want to participate, but still need help understanding the benefits of it.

I still wonder though, after taking through a newbie through this exercise, how many people would nod along and at the end still say "Ok, so what are doing on Facebook?"

myspace design

Awesome post. Very informative and insightful. Great job!

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