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December 09, 2007


Jeremiah Owyang

I'm guilty of using the term "Facebook Strategy" but within my powerpoint and presentation expand the scope to suggest that this is just one toolset (a 'platform' really) of a large community or social networking strategy.

Tools come and go --strategies don't.

Jeremiah Owyang


We wish you were at the conference, maybe next time. I posted my presentation from the conference, you may find it helpful for personal learnings --and even for clients. Be sure to see the ending section "thinking bigger"


Andy Sernovitz

Of course, the hardest part about Facebook "marketing" is that it's not marketing at all. A home run depends on a widget that excites customers enough to forward it to their friends.

Focusing on that word of mouth objective is hard. We design ads for clicks/sales, we need to learn to design widgets for fun/forwards. That takes an entirely different set of design skills, copy, user empathy, and metrics.

John Bell

Great comments. Facebook must succeed as a marketing platform - that's their business model. But I agree with Andy that the way for marketers to be relevant in this environment is to exercise different skills and strengths that probably starts with a little humility and tons of respect for the person using the service.

Kathryn MIlette

I'm wondering if there is an opportunity for users that allow advertisers to place ads directly on a user's page that act more like personal endorsements rather than ads based on relevance as deemed by Beacon.

For instance, you buy a product online and really like it. That company has a program that offers a "reward" in exchange for an "endorsement" ad (which is designed and placed by the company onto your facebook page). That "reward" could be, for example, a one-month free subscription, or entry in a lotto to win X, etc.

This might sound a little like bribery. But its also a way for people to endorse brands they like while sharing the value their endorsement returns the company (somewhat like a dividend to buying a stock). I think it could be a great way to create a stronger relationship between company/customer.

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