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November 01, 2007


Catch Up Lady

I'm a huge Google fan and am excited to see what they can do in these spaces. I love that their innovations are intuitive and functional, and take an idea that's just sorta working for me and make it better. I also love that they still don't appear to take themselves too seriously (witness the How Gmail Gets To You cgm video, and the more recent Spam Fighting video www.gmail.com/fightspam).

Their brand still has a personality that screams "don't be evil", and that makes me feel good about the fact that they could one day steal my identity and transfer my retirement savings to some off shore account that Larry and Sergey use for gas for their Gulf Stream jet.

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Okay. I am making a Social Network for my town called Barbourville. I need suggestions for names that I should call it.

The website will connect people who where from the area, display news from the area, have profiles like other social networks along other things.

Thanks for any help.

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